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Be successful. Be hirable. Be safe.

What makes you successful? What makes you hirable? There are many answers to this question, but at the foundation, possibly the best answer is safety. If you can't assure a safe working environment for your clients, your employees, and yourself, you can't ensure success. And if you can't ensure success, who's going to hire you?


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I took the P.E.C class with Brandon and Aaron. I was completely impressed with the entire process. I learned a great deal and was very happy to find that their teaching was very accessible. They took time to expound upon the reasons that rules and regulations are necessary instead of simply stating them. They answered all the questions posed to them and did a wonderful job of involving all the participants in the discussion. The facilities were impressive and clean. I found the entire course enjoyable and would quickly turn to them for future training.
— A.J. Matos


Safety isn't an action. It's a culture.

Dynamic Compliance & Strategies is a health, safety, and environmental training and consulting firm founded by Brandon Robbins, a recipient of the 2015 National Safety Council Rising Stars of Safety award. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of our clients, and to help foster positive changes in the behaviors and attitudes in the workplace.

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